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Hyundai Safety Overview | Major Safety Technology from Hyundai

Hyundai Safety Features & How They Keep You Safe

Most of us know about air bags and seat belts, but your Hyundai model offers more safety equipment than that bare minimum. Inside, you'll find plenty of safety features, both active and passive, standard and available, that you can have confidence in. Peace of mind isn't just a state of mind, sometimes it's a feature. Our list below is certainly not exhaustive, but it gives a great overview of some of the most common or most popular driver assist technologies Hyundai has to offer.

Top Hyundai Safety Technologies:

There are a number of Hyundai safety technologies that feature big on most every model from the Hyundai lineup, but since they're beneath the surface and standard across the line, you might not even notice they're there-but they'll still protect you in the event of an emergency. These are features like a seven-airbag array, side impact beams, and side and rear curtain airbags. Then there are the flashier, more tech-savvy driver assist features, which we'll explore a little bit below.

Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking (with Pedestrian Detection) System:

This available system utilizes both cameras and body-mounted sensors. It assesses forward obstacles, and if a collision is deemed imminent, it can apply the full stopping power of your brakes at speeds from 5 to 50 mph. When Pedestrian Detection is included in the system and the system recognizes a pedestrian obstacle, the system automatically engages full stopping power at speeds 5 to 43 mph.

Protecting Your Family

Blind Spot Detection

This is a very helpful available system that utilized sensors embedded in the rear bumper. When fast-moving cars approach from behind or when there’s a vehicle sitting in your blind spot, you’ll get an audio and visual warning should you signal a lane change, allowing you to prepare against/avoid possible collisions and make better choices on the road.

Coupling Cameras & Technology

Multi-View Camera System

This available system uses four body-mounted cameras to synthesize a 360° view around your vehicle, making it appear as if you’re looking down at yourself from above. The navigation screen displays the image at low speeds, allowing you to more easily navigate a tightly packed parking lot, or get into that tiny street-parking space more easily and with a better view.

Lane Keep Assist System:

Using the windshield-mounted camera, this available system perceives the limits of the front lane in order to keep you centered in your lane; if the camera detects you breaking the marked boundaries of the lane without signaling—or drifting—it will gently guide the steering to bring your vehicle safely back within the bounds of your lane.

Hyundai Helps You Park

Smart Parking Assist System:

Using external sensors, this available feature helps your Hyundai model detect its surroundings during parking, and while you control the gas/brake, the system actually handles the steering wheel for you. It’s able to do both parallel and perpendicular parking.

Automatic Headlights

Automatic High-Beam Assist & Dynamic Bending Lights:

These helpful available systems make it easier to drive at night for two reasons: the Automatic High-Beam Assist takes the guesswork out of high-beam driving, detecting the light of oncoming traffic and switching off your brights until you pass, when it turns them back up so you can see during night driving. The Dynamic Bending Lights turn the headlights in the direction of the curve ahead based on input from your steering wheel, so it’s almost as if your vehicle leads you with the light, instead of just barely catching up.


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